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Geneseo’s Barnes & Noble bookstore has made public its new online system FacultyEnlight, which allows faculty to order their books online. Some professors and students have encountered problems while using this new website, including lost book orders, the inability to communicate directly with students, the inability to order books with foregin or out-of-print ISBNs and the inadvertent altering of book orders by the bookstore. (Sarah Hashmi/Staff Photographer)

Geneseo bookstore encounters problems with online ordering system

Geneseo’s Barnes & Noble bookstore introduced a new online system called FacultyEnlight for this school year. The program is sponsored by Barnes & Noble and allows faculty to order their books online. During this process, certain students and faculty have had issues with communicating and receiving their books when using FacultyEnlight. Store manager Ashley Zaleppa…

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“I couldn’t ask for a more rewarding season to cap off my time here at Geneseo”

- Hockey co-captain Carson Schell. Read more in the the full article.

Field hockey hopes to improve record in upcoming games

Athletes are often told, “It’s not always about winning or the final score.” Even though sometimes that can be frustrating, it is the truth, and the Geneseo field hockey team is the perfect example of why. While the team puts 100 percent of their effort into every game on the field, they also must put…

Junior forward Emma Dempsey looks to take the ball away from the Hamilton College defenders. The Knights hope to redeem their record during their game against SUNY Oneonta on Friday Sept. 23. (Jason Yahn/Staff Photographer)

Men’s soccer faces injuries early in season

The Geneseo men’s soccer team has been experiencing both victories and losses, leaving them at an interesting place in their conference. They have the opportunity to change this in a positive or negative way. Starting the season off with a couple of wins was advantageous for the men because they now have the positive energy…

The men proudly celebrate the only goal scored during their game against Houghton College. The Knights had a 1-0 victory over the Highlanders on Wednesday Sept. 14. (Jason Yahn/Staff Photographer)


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Field hockey hopes to improve record in upcoming games

Men’s soccer faces injuries early in season

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Arts & Entertainment

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Knights' Life

Vanilla peach pops to postpone the polar season

Eleven students leave convention early, face punishments

Battles’ Fireside Chat provides informal platform for discussion

Let’s talk about sex…toys

Euro Cafe: New location, same delicious European food