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“I couldn’t ask for a more rewarding season to cap off my time here at Geneseo”

- Hockey co-captain Carson Schell. Read more in the the full article.

Dark comedy makes light of afterlife

The work of English playwright Noel Coward arrived at the Geneseo stage on Nov. 22 and 23 with performances of “Blithe Spirit” in the Knight Spot. The dark comedy was staged as a collaborative effort between Cothurnus and VegSoup, who made the most of the venue despite its shortcomings as a proper theater. read more


Spotlight On: Blaise Tangney

Freshman Blaise Tangney may be fairly new to Geneseo, but he has already had a greater impact on the local arts scene than many students may achieve in their four years on campus. Armed with a raspy folk voice and bluegrass-inspired guitar riffs, the singer-songwriter has been playing at open-mic shows all semester and has…



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IB closure spurs changes to Main Street’s late-night culture


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In facing negativity, we must focus on the positive

Protesters aren’t supposed to be silent

Exclusion of women leaders in Catholic Church exemplifies sexist hierarchy

Academia’s lack of emphasis on soft skills yields unprepared workforce


Saying goodbye to coach Mike Woods

Ice Knights hope to regain momentum

From Dubai to Geneseo, basketball remains constant for freshman forward

Cross country season ends at national meet

Diving takes physical, mental resilience

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Dark comedy makes light of afterlife

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Spotlight On: Blaise Tangney

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