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Social Host Law panel receives varied response

Geneseo’s Student Association organized a panel discussion on Tuesday Feb. 2 about the Village of Geneseo’s Social Host Law. Held in response to student outcry over the regulation and its enforcement during Halloween weekend, the forum featured a number of Village and school officials. Enacted in April 2015, the Social Host Law “holds persons responsible…

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“I couldn’t ask for a more rewarding season to cap off my time here at Geneseo”

- Hockey co-captain Carson Schell. Read more in the the full article.

Apartments to open behind Valley Liquor

The construction of two student apartments located behind Valley Liquor Shop—both owned by Teri Thielges—will be completed by April. The apartments are entirely framed and soon the flooring, dry wall, insulation, heat and electric work will be underway. The apartments will also have air conditioning and high-energy furnaces. According to Thielges, there will be two…

An apartment building behind Valley Liquor has been constructed with two units, each of which are equiped for three people. The apartments will be fully furnished and are set for completion in April.  Teri Thielges, owner of Valley Liquor, said her son provided the inspiration behind building apartments.

Sociomedical minor available for fall 2016 semester

Geneseo will be offering a new interdisciplinary sociomedical sciences minor to students in fall 2016. The minor focuses on educating students who wish to pursue careers in healthcare and the relationship between the natural and social sciences. Assistant professor of anthropology Melanie Medeiros spearheaded the development of this minor, along with two fellow members of…

Assistant professor of anthropology Melanie Medeiros has spearheaded efforts in creating the new sociomedical sciences minor. This minor will be available in fall 2016 and will provide students with an opportunity to study the relationship of natural and social sciences.


Apartments to open behind Valley Liquor

Sociomedical minor available for fall 2016 semester

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