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The views and opinions expressed in The Lamron are not necessarily those of the College. The Lamron is distributed free of charge to the Geneseo community every Thursday, except during examination and vacation periods. Funding provided by mandatory student fees and advertising revenue. The Lamron is printed by Messenger Post Newspapers, Canandaigua, N.Y.

The views expressed in the staff editorial do not necessarily reflect the views of the entire Lamron editorial board.

The Lamron Staff

Chelsea Butkowski
Managing Editor
Kevin Frankel
News Editor
Nicole Smith
Arts & Entertainment Editor
Justine Talbot
Opinion Editor
Emily Holdgruen
Knights’ Life Editor
Maya Lucyshyn
Sports Editor
Taylor Frank
Copy Editor
Megan Tomaszewski
Photo Editor
Zoe Finn
Design & Layout Editor
Lara Elmayan
Web Editor
Eric Meyer
Advertising Manager
Kayla Molaro
Ads Sales Director
Jen Cheng
Creative Ads Manager
Samantha Alvarado
Public Relations Manager
Caitlin Hamberger